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Dry Mortars/Plaster

Dry Mortars/Plaster

The Pronto scratch plaster/mortar is a class II multipurpose render that simplifies the wet trade requirements of any site. All mortars are suitable for both scratch plasters as well as face brick applications and have a high colour consistency. The screeds/topping product is designed to achieve a strength of 20 MPa.

It is easy to see how much more cost effective the Pronto dry mortar systems are. They provide a consistent superior final product of known performance, produced under controlled conditions to meet SABS specification 0145:1987 (amended 1994) and are virtually immune to theft and pilferage. Higher productivity is achieved with less mixing, they provide a dual purpose application and the dry mortar is always readily available when required. In use, the mortar can be called off in whatever quantities are required, large or small.

All comes to you already mixed

With the dry mortar concept you are also taking the procurement factor out of the process, you do not need a buyer or a site agent ordering plaster, cement and other materials – all is coming to you already mixed with just one phone call. Also, you do not have to stockpile materials on-site, which mean that on congested sites it really works well.

It also solves any quality problems. We only use high quality cement, so this obviates the problem of poor quality materials being used on site.


Pronto has erected 34 tonne portable silos on various sites, which are replenished by vehicles delivering 17 tonnes of material per delivery. This has been premixed with sand, binder and additives to the required specification. All the contractor needs to do, is add water for the right consistency.

Plasters are notorious for cracking but after a short on-site trial, it was realised that the Pronto system reduces cracking up to 90%. It also overcomes the difficulty of subcontractors getting the mix wrong and using too much or too little sand and water.

First of its kind in Southern Africa

Available in a range that comprises five products :

  • Dual purpose dry mortar
  • Superflat speciality plaster
  • Scratch plaster
  • Screed/topping
  • Gunite / Shotcrete

It has been found that the dry mortar concept can reduce the level of wastage on site by up to 30% and it obviates the need for on-site storage and the ensuing security of materials. Superflat is a superior speciality plaster for use by specialist plastering contractors where quality steel float finishes are specified, such as for hotels, office blocks, shopping centres and other aesthetically demanding applications.